Biography: The art of joseValenciart

Biography of joseValencia (josevalenciart) Figurative artist.

Jose Valencia was born in La Rochelle, France. He is the only one in his family who is dedicated to Fine Arts. From when he was a child, he would spend his summer vacations drawing his favorite animation characters.

Later, in his youth years, he got interested in fashion and pattern-making. After years he discovered that drawing and illustration were his real passion. So that is how he joined the world of art-with women and fashion in mind. Course for 5 years at the School of Arts of Barcelona “Lotja”. Thus in this way he united art with the feminine world and fashion.  His drawings are not just decorative ones. “His women” always have messages behind them, delivered in an inocent and sexy  manner.


“The Muses painted by JoseValenciart convey a hedonistic, Epicurean attitude, although sometimes sifted by a certain melancholy”

Each work has a message in which the viewer has to perceive or intuit. It expresses with the figurative form concretely of the woman but of innocent way and sometimes sexy according to the subject.

His artwork is remarcable for elaborate structure of woman’s skin. This technique have begun to be used by the painter 15 years ago. It has a little of French touch. Forms are also important for the artist. These include wood-cutting and creative frame making. This allows the artworks to fit the walls perfectly, making them seem both drawing and sculpture at the same time. The Mediterranean sea and its colors are some of the formal references that josevalenciart handles to readaptarlos to its plastic universe.

JoseValenciart, has exposed his works in en Madrid, Barcelona, Montpellier, Avignon  and at fairs of New York New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Amsterdam. Some of his pieces of art are permanently exposed at Mercado de la Barceloneta.



Mercat de La Barceloneta obra permanente; La casa del Libro 2017, Barcelona; BCN INT’L ART FAIR 2014; La Tour de Guet, Tresques, Francia 2013; Galerie Expo1, Montpellier 2013; Festival de arte de Tresques 2013-2012; Galerie Rue privee, Montpellier 2012; CEPO Perpignan 2012; AFF N.York, AFF Los Angeles; Villa del arte Barcelona 2011, AFF London, AFF Singapore, AFF Ámsterdam ; FAIM-Feria de arte Independiente de Madrid 2011;Villa del Arte, Barcelona 2002-2011;The art Gallery, Dublín 2001; Apollo Gallery, Dublin Irlanda 2000. Celebró sus primeras individuales en Dalicatessen de Figueres  1999, 2002 y en Pink Gallery de Chicago 2001.                   Sus ilustraciones se han publicado en Rock de Luxe, Ajo Blanco y WOMAN.